Large selection of varieties in good quality

We can react within a few hours and make potato transports for all parts of the world.

Danespo Holland B.V. is the Dutch daughter company of DANESPO A/S with own production of seed and ware potatoes. DANESPO Holland cooperates with many skilled growers and is always interested in working with new growers. Skilled employees and potato growers deliver the best potatoes and prioritise the customer service and good logistics for our clients.

Wide selection of varieties

DANESPO Holland works with several new and exiting varities such as Cimega, Cronos and Linata. You are very welcome to visit us at our trial field in Emmeloord, Holland during the summer. You can also come see us at the variety show in Creil in November and look at the great potential of our varities.

We produce a lot of DANESPO's own varieties such as Folva, Royal, Ballerina, Sarpo Mira, Solist, Gala and Borwina in Holland. Holland is the largest seed producing country in the world and through our presence in Holland, we have access to a lot of free, popular varieties such as Spunta, Desiree, Hermes and Bintje. Read more about our varities in Dutch or in English.

!Peter Van Eerdt, Sales Director NL
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